9 New Changes for Summer 2016

Marian   April 29, 2016   Comments Off on 9 New Changes for Summer 2016

A new name deserves a face lift, right? We have slowly but steadily been making progress on overhauling ourselves visually. We’re so excited that the river season is finally upon us and look forward to seeing you soon! Some of the bigger changes you may have already seen or are coming in the near future include:

1. Welcome to French Broad Outfitters
French-Broad-Outfitters-AshevilleBy the way, in case you haven’t heard, in January we changed our name to French Broad Outfitters to better reflect our business. We’re still the same folks offering the same things, but the new name reflects our connection to the river here and our support of its conservation. It also helps those joining us for the first time know that we offer so much more then just tubing rentals. Please join our new facebook page for all the most up to date news and events! Also, please vote for French Broad Outfitters for MountainXpress’s best of WNC!

2. Website Updates
With the new name comes an updated look to our website! We hope you find it easier to navigate and better on the eyes. Please let us know if something doesn’t work for you. IMG_2483

3.  Goodbye White Tent
If you’ve joined us in the past, you may remember the big white tent, well it’s all gone! While it was adequate storage for us in the past, we’re ready for bigger and better things. Keep checking back to see what we put in its place!

4. Interior Redesign and New Retail Offerings
We now carry tons of new SUP designs, including a new brand, Imagine Surf. We’ve also moved much of the stock around in the hopes of maximizing space and making things a bit easier to find. Have you seen the Newmad? We have that here too, as well as all the newest disc golf accessories and discs from five different brands! Also, my favorite addition to the interior of French Broad Outfitters… ceiling fans!

5. Demo Cage and New Signage
While driving down Riverside Drive, 13000087_10153947862440399_4438259250697159304_nyou’ll see a big change. In fact, even from the interstate, you can see the change! We put our new name up on the building so you can see it from far and wide. Also, our good friend Ben Wiggens made us a custom demo boat cage so we can store our demo boats outside, freeing up valuable interior space for bigger and better things to come.

6. Second Summer Location at SMAC
This summer we’re teaming up with the Smoky Mountain Adventure Center (SMAC), the newly finished building next to Carrier Park on Amboy Road. They offer climbing and other activities, and we’ll be there offering tubing and stand up paddleboarding. (Speaking of which, water temperatures just hit 70 degrees!) Come see us at either location for a fun day on the French Broad once summer officially hits!  

7. More Exterior Updates20160417_172057-1
RiverLink generously donated some native plants to our takeout, which have grown and blossomed (literally and figuratively) in their new home. Local graffiti artist Spagnola also came by and made his mark on the building with our new SUP girl design.

8. Expanded Trip Fleet
Summer 2016 is going to be a great one: we’ve got more kayaks, more SUPs, more canoes and tandems, and a million more tubes! Get excited! Our vehicles have gotten a facelift since this photo, with the new name, logo, and some of our offerings on the sides. We’re also excited to announce a whole new trip- SUPing shuttlethe SMAC. This trip will leave from our SMAC location for a quicker SUP trip for those either trying to fit a trip in before or after work, or for those trying it out for the first time who don’t want to commit to the full 2.5 hours on the water. Check back here to hear all about it when we open the SMAC location later in the season.

9. Much More (and Beer!)
We’ve got a lot of great improvements still coming, but our favorite one is beer. As Asheville is Beer City USA, doesn’t it make sense to be able to crack open a cold one after a warm day on the water? We are in the (long) process of getting our ABC permit and hope to be able to serve you a can of your favorite local brew very soon!